Organic, dynamic and creative

Grow Creative is made up of a team of individuals, each of whom bring a unique skill set to the table. The team consists of two designers and a bevy of contractors who complement and expand on the designers' capabilities. Grow Creative provides creative services for a wide range of clients, and focuses on working with organizations who care about the impact they have on the environment and their community.

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Richelle Giberson
Principal and Lead Designer

A seasoned designer with over fifteen years of experience, Richelle is passionate about using communications to inspire positive change. She embraces the concept of a green future and works tirelessly towards that goal.
Direct and to-the-point, Richelle has a knack for taking complex information and making it easy for others to understand through graphics.

Thom Giberson
Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Thom brings both creativity and skill to each project he undertakes. He is passionate about sustainability, supports socially responsible initiatives, and enjoys a good debate. He possesses more than ten years of experience as a graphic artist and backs it up with an excellent work ethic, a keenly creative mind, and a good-natured sense of humour.